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juli 2018

Lied 982 In de bloembol is de crocus



In de bloembol is de krokus
Het is een vertaling van het Engelse lied Hymn of promise.

Tekst en melodie: Natalie Allyn Wakeley Sleeth - "in the bulb there is a flower" - Hymn of Promise - vertaling Andries Govaart.


Natalie Allyn Wakeley Sleeth schrijft in haar boek 'Adventures for the soul' (Hope Publishing 1987, p.113-115) het volgende over het ontstaan van dit lied:

In the spring of 1985, I seem to have been much involved in pondering the ideas of life and death, spring and winter…Good Friday an d Easter, and the whole reawakening of the world that happens every spring…One evening we entertained a friend for supper, and he too had been pondering such themes. He even shared a work by T.S. Eliot, in which there was a phrase something like ‘in our end is our beginning’. That wat virtually the catalyst for the form of the text of ‘Hymn of Promise’, which I wrote the next dat or two…

I worked on the words very carefully, choosing just the right ‘pairings,’ attempting to get across the idea of something inherent in something else, even though unseen. I even bought a tulip plant (although it was in bloom and bright yellow) to contemplate the idea of the ‘bulb’leading to the flower even though the bulb itself seems dead.

Natalie Sleeth duidt hier op het gedicht 'East Coker' van T.S. Eliot uit de cyclus 'Four Quartets' met de herhaalde regel 'In my end is my beginning'.